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Just Eat The Cookie!

Whether you are just starting your health and fitness journey or have been on it for a while we are always  trying to figure out the balance.  We are all trying to find a good relationship with food.


Growing up I had a terrible relationship with food.  A lot of it stemmed from growing up because my mother had a bad relationship with food.  Except she didn’t like food.  Her’s stemmed from her childhood.  You see the relationship here? 


Because of her distaste for food I went the complete opposite way.  I would over eat constantly and food I thought I would never be able to have.  When I was older and started working in a restaurant things got worse.  Needless to say by the time I was 30 I was over 200 pounds and the journey began.


Those of us who have been on this journey know it’s all about self discovery and learning about ourselves and our body.  It’s an ongoing process but if there is one thing I have learned is JUST EAT THE COOKIE!


What do I mean by this?


Your nutrition and fitness is not going to be perfect and yes we need to enjoy life.  We need to have vacations, going out to dinner, girls or guys nights and family dinners.  Do not avoid these things.


I used to do this when I first started out of fear.  Fear of not being able to stop, fear of being a failure and fear of not getting my weight off.  It was very isolating and lonely and only got me more depressed because what was the point if I wasn’t enjoying life.


When I finally did start to do these things I did fail but I learned.  I took each moment good or bad as a learning experience and developed a better relationship with food.  


When I am on vacation I am on vacation!  I like to enjoy the different things and culture that some place has to offer and that includes the food.  But the difference is the mental aspect of it.  I do not overeat or gorge. I enjoy every bit.  


And if I do find myself having that mental battle in my head I put the fork down and walk away from it.  This is something that takes time and practice.


Same thing goes for any other life situation that involves food.  I enjoy the time I have with family and friends.  That included the food.


We need to enjoy life and have that balance in order to live a healthy full life and I am here to help you through it.  


Thank you for being part of my community!!  Remember you are beautiful and you can do anything you put your mind to.


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