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Is It Fear Holding You Back?

Title of Blog. Is it fear holding you back?

Fear is a strong word and could take on many different forms.  This is something I have been working on in my own life.  It’s very powerful and can be holding you back not only with your health and fitness goals but with your life goals as well.


Although hard to do, we have to take a look at what it truly is that is not making us move forward even though we want something so bad.


Fear of Change


This is a big one!!  We get so used to or being comfortable with where we are in life even though we are yearning for more.  For me was when my first husband passed away.  I was so used to having to be at home and when I could leave the house I was actually afraid to.


It was something I missed being housebound and something I looked forward to but yet I was still afraid.  I don’t know where this fear came from but it was there.


To overcome this fear I had to take one baby step at a time.  First it was just leaving the house for minutes at a time until a year, yes a year later I was able to go back to work. So when you are faced with this fear take it one baby step at a time.


I still deal with this fear and I probably will but I read a lot of personal development to help me through. When this fear comes up I take a long hard look at it and assess how it is affecting my life and my goals.  If it’s not affecting them then I let it go and if it is then I take it one baby step at a time.


Fear of Failure


This is another big one!  Here is what we need to remember, we need to fail in order to learn and grow!


This can be hard to remember because fear can be debilitating. How many times have you said no to something new because you didn’t want to fail and watched from the sidelines of others doing it and then wished you had joined after it was done?  I know I have.


It has taken me over a year to get this website up and running due to being afraid of failure and as I am typing this I am still new to this online thing.


I have been inconsistent with blogging, shooting video for workouts and other content because of fear.  Fear of it being all done and then failing.  I have been hiding behind my learning and using it for an excuse. How can you overcome it?  


As hard as it sounds, just do it!!  Look it in the eye and say not today fear!  Look at it as learning and growing and becoming a better version of you!!


Fear of What People Think


We all struggle with this!!  And honestly I don’t think this ever truly goes away.  It’s something that as humans we want acceptance, but when this fear compromises who we are and who we want to become then it’s a problem.


This has been a problem for me in the last few years because honestly when sharing who you are publicly is scary as hell. What I have learned when I hit this fear is I need to let it go!!  I need not listen to the negative but focus on the positive.  Although hard to do and easier said than done, take that positive energy and keep moving forward.


I also think of my clients and their needs.  These are my people and these are the people I get my energy from to keep moving forward.


I Believe


I do believe all these fears intertwine with each other.  I also believe we use these fears as excuses.  


We need to stop the madness and not let fear stop us from being the best we can be!  


I can tell you this every time I have said no to fear and pushed through it something better definitely comes out of it and I find a little more of me in the process.  The biggest things that have helped are baby steps, keeping things simple, meditation and personal development. Title of Blog. Is it fear holding you back?

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