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Fitness, Health, and Mindset! Living Life and Learning To Love Where You Are!!

Fitness, health and mindset!! Learning to love where you are!!

Life is not a bowl of sunshine and rainbows.


Although it can come close depending on mindset and attitude.


We all have our struggles and our demons and it’s what we choose that can make a difference in our lives.


It’s what we feed our minds and the people we choose to have in our lives that can make us or break us.


Life is a roller coaster ride!!


There are things we can do to live a full, happy life.




Ever heard that saying, “everything begins and ends with your mind”?


Think about that phrase for a second.


We can make ourselves believe anything we tell it or feed it.


I never really put much stock into it until working out one day. You know that one move you hate? BURPEES!


I was doing one of my workout videos and something was said that completely changed how I started looking at different exercises I didn’t like.


It was something to that fact that when you get to a point in your workout that you don’t like.  Do a little chant in your head and say out loud I LOVE BURPEES! Even if you truly don’t believe it at the time.


So I did and every time that point came on my video when I was working out. 


At first, I was being a smartass but somewhere along the way I actually really started liking burpees and then I started to love burpees!!


To this day I still love them.


So I started to do this in other aspects of my life with things I didn’t like to do. Like certain chores for example. And this too started to work.


I was a believer in this mindset thing I was hearing so much about.


Fast forward 17 years later and my life has completely transformed!!


Drug addict to fitness expert


Full-time waitress to becoming a personal trainer to now an online health and fitness expert.


Living a life I hated, which I wasn’t actually living at all to be able to create the life I love!!


So yeah I do believe in mindset.




Along with mindset comes attitude.


These 2 things go hand in hand.


You can 1 say one phrase but depending on attitude, it can be taken in many different ways and said in many different ways.


Not every way is going to be positive and it’s that positive attitude that will make all the difference.


Social Media


I wanted to talk about this because it’s social media that influences so much of our lives!


I read that the average person spends 2 and a half hours a day on social media.


The average time spent on a smartphone is anywhere from 3 to 4 hours.


Yes, I am also a phone addict. I will admit, but I have been monitoring my phone and social media time and have noticed a difference in my mood, productivity and just being present in the moment.


While social media is great for connecting with family and friends, you do have control over what is on your newsfeed.   


What I have found is that I have cut a lot of the negative people out of my newsfeed and ads. You can do this in settings or you can just unfollow. 


With social media, you also have to remember that you are getting the highlight reel in people’s lives.  


You are seeing what people want you to see. Keep that in mind, do not do the comparison game!!


Also, think about this for a second. How are you living if you are spending that much time on your phone? You’re not taking anything in and living in the present. 


And the more time you are on your phone the less human connection you are getting. We need that human connection.


The Comparison Game


All of us do this or have done it and again with social media, it’s so easy to do it. Stop it!!


Pay attention when you are scrolling what is actually going on in your mind and what you are saying to yourself.


Instead of looking at someone’s feed and saying I wish or must be nice, start celebrating with them!! 


We are all on our own journey and we are all in different places on those journeys on those journeys. Live your life and be proud that you are where you are on your journey.


Instead of comparing, learn from others who are ahead of you on the same path. 


You can learn so much from others.




Remember we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  We are all different and that is what makes you beautiful!!!  So love who you are and work on the things you want to change.  It’s a process and it takes time.


Fitness, health and mindset!! Learning to love where you are!!

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